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Low Voltage Living

Low Voltage Living is an automation company, with applications directed to Residential, Commercial and Industrial Land Development. In addition, we have some applications that have been used within the Cannabis Production sector along with the agriculture sector.

Our aim is focused around creating an exceptional living experience for customers. We do this, by creating an automated living and working experience, customized to individual preference/s.

We can control everything from your blinds, lighting, audio and entry point access – to your heating and cooling systems (HVAC). We even have software that will analyze your local weather forecast, only watering your garden when its needed!

We focus on setting your Life on Autopilot, Bringing you the Future, Today.

Why Low Voltage Living?

Low Voltage Living creates the ultimate living and working experience, custom tailored to individual preference. We automate your home and business functions, so you have more time to enjoy life – saving you money while we do it.


At Low Voltage Living, we provide you with leading market home and business automation technology. We save you time, and money.
Low Voltage Living sets itself apart from the market with its innovative product lineups and attention to detail surrounding customer experience, and efficiency.